Does 7 Leaves Cafe offer single unit franchises?

No. Our franchise program seeks multi-unit area developers.

What territories are available?

Please refer to our territory availability map.

How is a territory defined?

Typically by county lines.

What's the estimated total cost for the first store?

$250,000 – $500,000 This includes $35,000 franchise fee. (Does not include lease or property-related expenses.)

What's the profitability?

Unfortunately we are legally unable to disclose any financial information. The profitability may vary depending on the territory.

Are there ongoing fees?

Royalty Fee = 6% of Gross Sales

Marketing Fee = 2% of Gross Sales

Who designs and builds the store?

Although training and support is provided, the franchisee is responsible for seeking their own licensed Architect and General Contractor and overseeing their own construction. Corporate will provide training documents and support to assist with store design.