Danny Bui

Dallas Operator

Paul Treng

Houston Operator

Binh Tran

San Francisco Operator


Read what our operators have to say about us

  • "When you partner with a group of special people that are fueled by integrity, humility, and passion for the brand, the journey can almost run itself. Everything from the first meeting of the founders through the initial planning, implementation, and eventual grand opening & post-support has been meticulously planned in very intelligent ways. The founders & co. have literally thought through everything with exacting detail; and it shows. They prove why the brand has been so successful with each purposeful move. With the artful creativity and commitment to R&D, their unwavering support to franchisees, and their brilliance in leadership, we are extremely humbled and excited to grow this brand together."
    Danny Bui, Dallas Operator
  • Culture is everything, we are humbled to be apart of the 7 Leaves family. They have been with us every step of the way from kick off day, training, grand opening, and post. When working with a franchisor that cares, you reap the benefits. 7 Leaves is not only a fun and great place to work, it has systems and proven processes in place to support franchisees and is committed to our success. 7 Leaves gave us the confidence to become better and more efficient operators.
    Paul Treng, Houston Operator
  • If you're looking for a franchisor that has been thinking about scale from day one and has the passion and commitment to excellence, look no further than 7 Leaves Cafe.
    Binh Tran, San Francisco Operator